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    Welcome to the July 25 issue of the Cruces Creatives weekly newsletter. This is a place where you can keep up-to-date with big news at the makerspace, and learn about cool projects that your community members make.

    The newsletter is published each Thursday. If you have makerspace news or announcements that you’d like to submit for the weekly newsletter, please email Pat DeSimio (p.desimio@crucescreatives.org) by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.


    Mural Update

    A big thank-you to the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico and the Tom and Donna Tate Endowment Donor Advised Fund, who are providing $740 to repair vandalism to the Stolen Sisters piece of the mural on the west wall—and to buy supplies that will let SABA and his amazing team of artists complete the mural lettering! Thank you, Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, and thank you, SABA and crew!

    A Surplus of Projects

    From the nearly full project storage shelves, it’s clear that we’ve been busy making all sorts of things! To make sure we don’t run out of shelf space, remember the project storage protocol:

    • Use a project storage form or post-it note to label stored projects with your name and the most recent date you’ve worked on the project.
    • Work on stored projects at least every two weeks, or take the project off-site to open up storage space for other folks.
    • Projects stored for more than 30 days without work (as indicated on the project storage sheet) may be discarded or made into new projects.

    If you have a project that’s been in long-term storage at Cruces Creatives, come on by to pick it up—or, better yet, use the ever-expanding tool collection to finish it!

    Copyright ©Cezary Tomczak. Reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

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    3,000-4,000 Vinyl Albums Available for Projects

    Do you have ideas for projects that could use a lot of vinyl albums? University Broadcasting at New Mexico State University is disposing of 3,000-4,000 albums, which are freely available for repurposing. If you’re interested, contact Adrian Velarde at avelarde@nmsu.edu.

    Membership Option Updates

    Curious about membership options now that Cruces Creatives is one year old and founding membership discounts have ended? Here are the current options:

    • Regular paying membership: $45/month
    • Regular volunteering membership: 3 hours/week
    • Family/group membership: $40/person/month

    Founding members retain the founding membership rates for as long as they have active memberships of any type, and kids ages 13 and younger are still free with a parent/guardian member.   

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    One-Year Anniversary Celebration Saturday!

    We’re almost to our one-year celebration! Check out the activities going on Saturday, and if you’re available Friday, you can join the team for cleaning and event prep.

    Classes for Making Holiday Gifts

    Would you like to create hand-made gifts for the holidays this year? You can get a head start with all sorts of classes this July and August: Original Miniature PaintingsExploring Water Media Art ProductsBeginning Sewing: The Chinese Coin Blanket, and Intermediate Audio: Recording Music. Even more classes are under development, so check the event calendar for updates.


    Do you have woodworking skills that you’d like to put to use? As part of beginning weaving classes, Cruces Creatives offers simple frame looms, which we make in-house—and you can help make them! You can find sample parts and a blueprint in the weaving section of the Main Room; supplies are in the scrap/donation areas of the Wood Shop. For more information, contact Steve Robinson at loom@stevertheweaver.com.

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    One-Year Anniversary Celebration Coming Up! 

    We're now just 9 days away from our One-Year Anniversary Celebration! All sorts of exciting activities are on the schedule.

    June 29, 10am-3pm

    Under the eaves, there will be a yard sale featuring a wide variety of surplus tools and creatives supplies. Get great deals on resources to support your creativity, all while supporting your makerspace.

    Indoors, there will be tours showcasing all of the exciting ways the makerspace has grown in the last year. Come check out recent tool additions, or come learn about our space if it's your first time!

    In the multipurpose room, there will be all-original live performances from local songwriters.

    10:00am-1:00pm, live music performances

    1:00pm-2:30pm, all-original open mic

    2:30pm-3:00pm, live music performances

    There will be free food and other activities around the building.

    For kids, there will be a special coloring activitydisassembly activitypaper crane folding (not just for kids), and outdoors, near the yard sale, a bouncy house!

    To further equip the Kids' Room, there will also be a toy drive. Click here to see a list of creative toys that would be especially helpful.

    The Anniversary Celebration will also be the final day when you can get the discounted Founding Membershipprice!

    Regular Monthly Membership, starting June 30: $45

    Regular Yearly Membership, starting June 30: $495 (one month free)

    Founding Monthly Membership: $35

    Founding Yearly Membership: $385 (one month free)

    You can lock in the discounted founding prices for as long as you maintain an active membership, so if you've been thinking about becoming a paid member, the Anniversary Celebration would be a great time to join! (And just as a reminder, kids ages 13 and under are free with a parent or guardian member!)

    For everyone, the Anniversary Celebration will be a great chance to catch up, connect, and imagine the creative opportunities of the future!

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    Cruces Creatives in the Las Cruces Sun-News 

    Thanks to journalist Bethany Freudenthal and the great work that the makerspace community is doing, Cruces Creatives has been featured on the front page of the Las Cruces Sun-News twice in the last week! You can read the article on the upcoming makerspace anniversary here and the article on an especially important aspect of the ongoing murals here.

    Full-Size Refrigerator in Break Room

    Thanks to a donation from Beverly Denney, a full-size refrigerator is now available for use in the Cruces Creatives break room! Want to take a meal break without leaving the makerspace? The refrigerator—in conjunction with the microwaves and toaster oven—can make that much easier.

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    STEM Education Programs Launching This Fall

    Thanks to funding from the NM STEM Outreach Center, Cruces Creatives will be launching or expanding five educational programs this fall! Programs include after-school learning, Saturday programs at Cruces Creatives, project-based learning for children and their parents/guardians, expanded mentoring through the HAZLO Program, and teacher training on how makerspace tools and resources can be integrated into curricula. Look for full details towards the end of the summer.

    Anniversary Survey

    One June 26, Cruces Creatives will be one year old! We’d love to hear how that first year has been for you and how the next years can be even better. You can share your feedback through a survey here; the information you provide will shape growth for the next years and provide data that can help bring in grant funding! To make sure your answers can be counted, please complete the survey by June 30.

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    Wood Shop Fully Operational

    The HVAC renovations to the wood shop are finished, so the wood shop is now fully operational! With the HVAC renovations, all of the tools in the wood shop can be used in indoors: the table saws, CNC machines, milling machine, band saws, scroll saws, sliding compound miter saw, sanders, drill presses, lathes, hand tools, planer, jointer, and more. Let’s see what we can create!

    Robotic Arm for Education

    Thanks to On the Go Heating & Cooling, who completed the HVAC renovations in the wood shop, Cruces Creatives now has a multi-axis SCARA robotic arm, developed especially for education! After some setup, the SCARA arm will be a robust job training and creative tool.

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    One-Year Anniversary Celebration

    Come to the makerspace on Saturday, June 29, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Cruces Creatives grand opening! There will be food and music; arts, crafts, and surplus tools/equipment for sale; and the chance to come together and celebrate everything we’ve accomplished in just one year!  

    Founding Membership Discounts Extended through June 29

    Cruces Creatives has officially passed 100 active members—woohoo!—but you can still lock in the discounted founding membership rate of $45 $35/month if you register as a member on or before the one-year anniversary celebration on June 29, 2019.

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    Interactive Children’s Museum Exhibits Premiering this Saturday

    Earlier this year, Cruces Creatives and Ngage New Mexico partnered to design and make traveling children's museum exhibits for kids to explore, play, and learn with. The exhibits are now finished and ready to use, so this Saturday, families with kids ages 1-8 are invited to come try the interactive, educational exhibits! For more information, visithttp://www.crucescreatives.org/event-3387281.

    Wood Shop Ventilation and HVAC Work Starting May 20 

    The eagerly anticipated upgrades to the ventilation and HVAC systems in the wood shop start May 20! While the work is being completed (at least May 20 to May 25), expect full or partial closures of the wood shop. When the upgrades are finished, the wood shop will be fully operational, and well be able to use every tool in the wood shop indoors!

    Mural Art at the Makerspace

    Thanks to SABA, Arturo Uribe, the Barricade Culture Shop, and dozens of volunteer artists from around the country, Cruces Creatives is getting splashes of color and imagery through the “Illegal (?) Art Show”! Through at least May 25, the work will change and grow with feedback from the makerspace community. Come by to see the progress!

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