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Ideas for at Home 3/4 - (Sustainability and Affordability; Digital Illustrating and Photography; Drawing and Painting; Small-scale Vinyl Cutting; & Science and Technology)

2020-03-18 8:04 PM | Anonymous

Ideas for at Home - cont.

Sustainability & Affordability

Maybe sustainability or cutting costs at home are on your mind? How about planning for some new projects?


Solar cooker


Solar dehydrator


Making Clothes

An amazing set of instructions with NMSU:


How to Measure and Plan for Clothes




Cloth Baby Diapers


For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

Events: Fix-It-Fairs

Tools: Use the Wood shop, Textile lab and areas around the whole building!

Tools: Use the laser cutter to cut fabrics once you know your pattern

Digital Illustrating & Photography

Maybe the Organ Mountains were especially beautiful today, or you’re ready to start your new business with some product shots and a few flyers. Now is a great time to learn the software and some photography tips and tricks!

Free and Cheap Software Options


Simple Photography Tricks


For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

Events: Doña Ana Photo Club

Events: Photography Boot Camp

Tools: Use our backdrops, lights, and private studio to make your photography project come true

Tools: Use our photo printer to print your images

Drawing & Painting

Quiet time without deadlines is perfect for really getting into a drawing or painting. And in between sessions, maybe it’s time to catch up on some art history to help place yourself in the grander scheme of art. (If you’ve been to art school or plan to, be ready for this idea.)

Doodling for Kids


Different Drawing Techniques


Art History

12 Famous Museums Tours


For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

Events: Join one of Wayne Huber’s drawing classes – Beginning Drawing and Painting, Youth Art Classes, Intermediate Drawing and Painting, or Art Critique

Events: Open Studio for Artwork

Events: First Friday Art Shows

Tools: Use our easels and take advantage of our spare art supplies

Tools: Use our projector to trace designs for large images

Tools: Use our light tables

Opportunities: Reach out to curator@crucescreatives.org to have a show at Cruces Creatives

Small-Scale Vinyl Cutting

Did you know Cruces Creatives has several Cricut vinyl cutters? You can access the software online for free and plan your designs ahead of time. Maybe you want an inspirational quote on your wall, maybe you want to relabel your shelves, or make stickers for your business. Make your designs now and come in later to cut them.

Free Online Cricut Software


For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

Tools: Come use our Cricut cutters

Tools: Use our heat press for t-shirts, hats, bandanas, and more

Science and Technology

Make a game, an app, or work on that gadget sitting in the garage. And if you’ve made a new design or a scientific discovery, or are on the way towards one, come build your experimental equipment with us. Plan out your machines and have your designs ready for the tools when we reopen. Also think about having a presentation with us to share with the community. This can be a great way to get feedback to push your idea forward.


Teaching kids coding through creating a game


Make a Game


Areas of Growth in Science


Areas of Growth in Technology


For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

Tools: Take your photographs, make marketing materials, and get your ideas off the ground using our photo lab, vinyl cutters and more

Opportunities: Do a presentation with us and get feedback from your peers. Submit a proposal


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