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Ideas for at Home 2/4 - (3D Printing and Laser Cutting; Audio Recording; Walking and Biking; Cooking, Casting and Cooking Tech; and Writing)

2020-03-18 8:03 PM | Anonymous
Ideas for at Home - cont.

3D Printing & Laser Cutting

Now is a great time for home research and learning new software tools. Take some online tutorials to learn more about 3D printing so you’ll be ready to jump on the machines when you come back.

Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing


Learn about Laser Cutting


A Few Software Programs to make Designs







For the Future at Cruces Creatives: 

Tools: A variety of 3D printers

Tools: Our laser engraver and cutter

Audio Recording

What stories do you think you might want to share with future generations, or what songs are you working on that you want to record and release? Make your outlines, practice your pieces, and come record when we reopen.

How to Write a Song:


147 Ways to Write a Melody (an interesting view on melody writing)


5 Places to Collect and Preserve Family Stories


For the Future at Cruces Creatives: 

Events: Come to our Audio Recording Classes

Events: Come to our All Original Open Mics

Events: Come to the Crossroads Songcrafting Collaborative

Tools: Use our audio recording equipment

Getting Fresh Air – Walking & Bicycles

Fresh air and sunlight are great for health. If you run into any goat heads or realize your bike needs a tune-up, come visit us for the Community Bike Shop once things reopen!

Las Cruces Trails


For the Future at Cruces Creatives: 

Events: Come to Saturday Community Bike Shop

Events: Come to Thursday Community Bike Shop

Tools: Repair or upgrade your bike in the Bicycle Shop

Tools: Repair your shoes in the Textile Room

Cooking, Casting & Cooking Tech

So much time for cooking and enjoying food! Also, did you know Cruces Creatives has a small vacuum mold maker for casting, and that we’re working on larger plastic machines as well? If you’re into making chocolates, gummies, and other candies, start practicing your recipes now and come make new and interesting molds when we reopen. (If you’re wanting to make custom molds, you might also want to learn 3D printing.) Also, you can start new solar cooking machines in preparation for the summer!

Casting & Mold-making

Introduction to flexible molds:


What is Vacuum forming


Chocolate molds


Gummi molds



Making a custom gummy or chocolate mold


Ok, this is sort of ridiculous, everyone might want to watch: Gummy Chicken


Solar cooker


Solar dehydrator


For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

Tools: Use our vacuum former to make custom molds

Tools: Use our 3D printers to make custom designs

Tools: Use the wood shop to build a solar cooker or dehydrator

Writing – Poetry, comedy, stories and more

Expressing yourself and capturing a moment in time is part of what makes art. While you’re hunkered down, get some writing in, then come share your creations at our next Open Mic or next Writing Workshop.

How to write a Poem


How to Write a Joke


For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

Events: Writers Workshop

Events: All-Original Open Mic

Tools: Use our audio recording and / or photo backgrounds to record your pieces! 

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