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Ideas for at Home - 1/4 (Education for Kids; Garden and Plants; Sewing and Knitting; Wood Shop, & Starting a New Business)

2020-03-18 7:54 PM | Anonymous

Ideas for at Home

We’ve made quite the list of activities, so skip right down to your areas of interest!

Education for Kids

Keeping up with the kids, work, and home is a challenge, here are a few ideas to help keep them busy with learning!

Maker Ideas

3 Weeks of Making Ideas:


STEM Activities


Virtual Tours

Over 30 Virtual Field Trips including zoos, farms, the Louvre and more    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SvIdgTx9djKO6SjyvPDsoGlkgE3iExmi3qh2KRRku_w/edit?fbclid=IwAR2GIMwveZXD0Fd5M4sEXy4zIU2gsyupr9bIvBlMANbA13-FIzyf_SrBWGg


Hour of Code:


List of online coding programs:


For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

Events: STEAM Team (new registration opens in the fall)

Events: Summer Youth Maker Days (details to be released at a later date)

Events: Disassembly Days

Garden and Plants

This is a great time to start some seedlings, plant trees, and begin planning for a garden. Did you know if you have some old tomatoes you can try sprouting some of the seeds? Growing some food and getting sunshine can be awesome.

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners


New Mexico State University Horticulture Publications


For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

Events: Plant Share

Events: Seed Share

Tools: Build window boxes, container gardens and more in our Wood Shop

Sewing & Knitting Projects

A little extra quiet time might be just what you need to get going. If you have extra supplies at home, this could be a wonderful moment to start a blanket for an upcoming grandchild, or a loved one far away—or, if you’re waiting till Cruces Creatives re-opens to access machines, it can be a great time to do research to decide what projects you’ll want to do next.

150 Easy Sewing Projects


Free Patterns and Tutorials for Sewing


Free Knitting Patterns


For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

Events: Fiber Arts Fridays

Events: Charitable Crafting

Tools: Use our Textile Room, filled with over a dozen different textile machines and lots of available fabric, to make your projects.

Wood Shop Projects

Likely, you’ll be waiting till Cruces Creatives re-opens to start building, but this is a great time to decide on ideas and make your plan. Is there a space in the house where you’ve always wanted a custom piece of furniture? Take your measurements now, plan out your material list, and come ready to build!


How to Make a Cut List like a Pro


Bill of Materials and Cut List


Plan of Procedure


Wood Shop Ideas

31 Indoor Woodworking Projects:


Rockler Free Woodworking Plans


For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

Events: Basic Wood Shop Safety Training

Tools: Use our full wood shop, along with a hefty supply of spare wood, to make your projects.

Starting a New Business

With less commuting time and more time at home, maybe this is just the push you’ve needed to start that new business. If you’re making a product-based business you might need to hold off on building stock if you need one of our tools, but in the meantime, you can start your business plan and run financial numbers to make sure everything adds up.

For NMSU students and recent graduates

Studio G, Business Accelerator program (including online education resources)


Write a Business Plan


Steps for starting a business in New Mexico


For the Future at Cruces Creatives: 

Tools: The entire makerspace has opportunities for your ideas. The laser cutter, wood shop, and textile room may be good places to start.

Tools: Our multi-purpose rooms make a great place to work

Tools: Use our photography studio to take great photos of your product

Tools: Use our audio recording equipment to make marketing materials

Tools: Use our vinyl cutters to make custom stickers

Tools: Use our Textile Room and Wood Shop to make custom displays

Tools: Use our Electronics room to laser cut custom signage and light it up with our soldering equipment.

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