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Hazlo Process

The Hazlo Program is designed to help students build life and academic skills through project-based learning with mentor support.

The overall process for the HAZLO Program works like this:

1.         Students propose a project.

2.         The advisory board of the Hazlo Program reviews the proposals and makes a funding decision.

3.         Student projects are matched with a community mentor whose expertise can support the proposed project.

4.         Mentors go through background checks and training for their work with the Hazlo Program.

5.         After successfully passing the background checks and training, mentors are approved to work with students. Students and mentors collaboratively develop a work and learning plan, describing what the students plan to do and what the students expect to learn.

6.         Students and mentors meet at least once weekly at a supervised site—typically either the student’s school or Cruces Creatives makerspace—to work on the student’s project.

7.         After finishing their project, students write a one-page report or create a short video describing their project, how they made it, and what they learned.

8.         Students, mentors, and the students’ parent(s)/guardian(s) complete program evaluation forms.

9.         Students have an opportunity to present their project at a Maker Fair, which is like a science fair focused on making—it’s a chance for students to share what they made and what they learned.

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