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Face Mask Update with Completed Manual

2020-04-03 7:27 PM | Anonymous
Hi Everyone, 

Great news! The manual for the face masks is complete! 


Face Mask Manual

To access the manual and other instructions click here: Cruces Creatives COVID 19 Emergency Response

For those of you that already have the materials to get started you can begin completing masks. Completed masks can be taken to Cruces Creatives and deposited in the bins posted outside labelled "Finished Kits Ready for Cleaning and Sanitizing".

Next Step - Making Kits

Our next step is to begin creating kits that will be available outside of Cruces Creatives as well. So for folks who are just waiting on materials, we are working on getting these ready as soon as possible, and I will let you all know when they are available. 

Additionally, we are also looking for people to help create kits. If you are available in the next few days, to the next week or so, to help sort and bag materials, please send a reply.


And finally a big thank you to everyone who made prototypes and reviewed the manuals! 

Happy sewing!

Thank you, 

Lindsey McDonald 

Cruces Creatives, Administrative Assistant

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