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Cruces Creatives Closing - Starting March 14th

2020-03-13 6:21 PM | Anonymous

Thank you so much for being a part of Cruces Creatives. 

To keep the safety of our community a first-most priority, Cruces Creatives has decided to close, starting March 14th. We will be monitoring the situation and tentatively reopening March 31, 2020. 

If you need special access to the facility (for example, to retrieve project materials), please send an email to support@crucescreatives.org or post a message on Slack. We will accommodate such requests as needed.

Please heed the advice of national and local health authorities and be safe. 

Thank you again for being a part of our Cruces Creatives community. 

Very best,

Lea Wise-Surguy, Executive Director

The Cruces Creatives Board

The Admin Team

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