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COVID-19 Response

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  • Request PPE and Volunteer
  • Projects 
  • News and Updates

Request PPE and Volunteer


Help the community by making emergency supplies

Sewn, Pleated Mask with Filter Pocket and Nose Pinch


  • A sewing machine
  • Material kit (soon to be available at Cruces Creatives)
      • Cotton fabric, 15" x 7 1/2" 
      • Two strips of 1/2" double fold bias tape
      • Two elastic strips, each 10 - 12" long and 3/8" wide, or non-elastic fabric ties 22" - 26" long and 3/8" wide
      • Metal for pinch: a 1/4" x 6" piece of smooth aluminum or a 6" piece of stainless 1 steel wire

Other Info

  • Drop-off of finished masks at Cruces Creatives where final cleaning and sanitizing will be taken care of. You will find tables and labeled bins outside of Cruces Creatives. 

Full Instruction Manual

3D Print Face Shield Frames


  • A 3D printer
  • Rigid filament

Other Info

  • Cruces Creatives has the rest of the supplies and will complete the face shields.

Full Instruction Manual and STL File

  • Download Here
  • The manual includes how to make the frames, and how to get these frames back to Cruces Creatives for the final step. 

News and Updates

  • 2020-04-03 7:27 PM | Anonymous
    Hi Everyone, 

    Great news! The manual for the face masks is complete! 


    Face Mask Manual

    To access the manual and other instructions click here: Cruces Creatives COVID 19 Emergency Response

    For those of you that already have the materials to get started you can begin completing masks. Completed masks can be taken to Cruces Creatives and deposited in the bins posted outside labelled "Finished Kits Ready for Cleaning and Sanitizing".

    Next Step - Making Kits

    Our next step is to begin creating kits that will be available outside of Cruces Creatives as well. So for folks who are just waiting on materials, we are working on getting these ready as soon as possible, and I will let you all know when they are available. 

    Additionally, we are also looking for people to help create kits. If you are available in the next few days, to the next week or so, to help sort and bag materials, please send a reply.


    And finally a big thank you to everyone who made prototypes and reviewed the manuals! 

    Happy sewing!

    Thank you, 

    Lindsey McDonald 

    Cruces Creatives, Administrative Assistant

  • 2020-04-02 2:56 PM | Anonymous

    "Touch of Sunset" Fundraiser for Cruces Creatives COVID-19 Project

    Local artist Jeri Desrochers is auctioning her gorgeous "Touch of Sunset" painting, a 30 x 40 inch original oil painting valued at $2,975 for face masks and shields.

    Jeri Desrochers captures the glowing color and light of the Southwest in her award-winning original oil paintings. Using contemporary color and thick luscious paint to create her stunning images, Desrochers celebrates life with her art.

    To bid on this beautiful painting please see her website at: https://jerisstudio.com/

  • 2020-03-28 6:53 PM | Anonymous

    Here’s an update on the makerspace projects to help reduce the impacts of Covid-19. From last week’s call for interest in several possible projects, over 70 community members responded, and now progress is underway on several types of personal protective equipment (PPE) and student activity kits. Most are in the final stages of design, and production should begin this coming week.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    3D-Printed Masks with Filter Cartridges

    For medical personnel, 15 volunteers with Cruces Creatives are designing 3D-printed plastic face masks with cartridge inserts for filters (which can be MERV 13, N95, or HEPA). Physicians at Memorial Medical Center are testing the designs and giving feedback to ensure that the masks are effective, and based on their feedback, the masks are currently in the final phases of design and testing. Memorial Medical Center requests 1,000 units.

    Fabric Face Masks

    To reduce transmission risks from people who are sick and to reduce the risks to medical personnel in the absence of ideal PPE, fabric face masks are needed. A team of 50 textile volunteers with Cruces Creatives will be sewing fabric masks with inserts for filters.

    Face Shields

    Face shields can reduce the risk to medical personnel during procedures such as intubation. The face shields manufactured by the Cruces Creatives team have been confirmed effective by personnel at Memorial Medical Center.

    The Las Cruces maker community has really come together to make a difference in these extraordinary circumstances. In addition to the 70 volunteers who are contributing their time and expertise, dozens of people have donated materials, an anonymous donor has provided $500 for materials for PPE, and Dirk Squibb, the manager of Johnstone Supply, has donated hundreds of yards of MERV 13 filter material. Over the coming month, we plan to alleviate the shortage of PPE in our community—and save lives—by producing around 1,000 units (or more) of each type of PPE.

    If you would like to be involved, you can volunteer by contacting team leads for the different projects:

    You can also make an earmarked donation for PPE production by contributing at https://crucescreatives.org/donate-money/ with a comment that the donation is for PPE.


    Student Activity Kits

    On a lighter note, Cruces Creatives is also producing activity kits with lesson plans for Las Cruces Public School students, who are now learning remotely. The kits will be sent home with students during school lunch pickups, and some kits will also be available for pickup at Cruces Creatives.

    These kits are being developed with support from the New Mexico STEM Outreach Center. Cruces Creatives would also like to thank the Las Cruces Arts Association, which has given an additional $500 toward this project.  

    If you would like to be involved, you can volunteer by contacting the team lead for this project, Sandy Smith, at s.smith@crucescreatives.org.

    You can also make an earmarked donation for student kit production by contributing at https://crucescreatives.org/donate-money/ with a comment that the donation is for student kits.

    Be safe and well wishes, 

    Lea Wise-Surguy, Executive Director

    The Cruces Creatives Board

    The Admin Team

    And all our Volunteers

  • 2020-03-21 9:20 PM | Anonymous

    Through the Cruces Creatives community, there are several ways you could help Las Cruces weather COVID-19:

    • Sewing face masks
    • 3D printing ventilator parts and / or face masks
    • Making activity kits for LCPS students to go with their school lunches

    As we explore options, we're reaching out to you to gauge interest and identify the resources that are available. To help, please take a moment to read more about the project options and complete quick surveys on the projects that interest you. 

    Sewing Face Masks

    To combat face mask shortages and help keep medical personnel healthy, we can sew face masks following CDC guidelines.

    Face Mask Survey

    3D Printing Ventilator Parts and/or Face Masks

    As ventilators are used, some parts need replacing sooner than others--and we could 3D print those parts. Additionally, some face masks can be 3D printed. 

    3D Printing Survey


    Student Activity Kits

    Kits with lesson plans and materials can help students keep learning, and we have a partnership opportunity with LCPS to distribute learning kits along with school lunches.

    Activity Kit Survey

    Thank you for all your time and effort.

    Very best, 

    Lea Wise-Surguy, Executive Director

    The Cruces Creatives Board

    The Admin Team

  • 2020-03-18 6:45 PM | Anonymous
    Ideas for at Home - cont.


    If you work in ag, we know you’re still out working the fields and are hope for this spring to keep being so mild and wet. Did you know CC has a special project focused on ag technology and sustainable ag? If you’re interested in sharing with us technological ideas you know need addressing in agriculture, or if you’d like to work with us on New Mexico sustainable agriculture, reach out; we’d love to work with you!

    To give recommendations for ag tech or problems that need addressing, or to join fellow sustainable farmers and ranchers, email project manager Patrick DeSimio at p.desimio@crucescreatives.org

    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Tools: Come build tools, shelves, special planting beds, and more in our wood shop

    Service: Job Shop – Want something custom built but don’t have the time to make it? We offer prototyping and custom build services. Reach out to us to start a project



    Teaching – Share your skills!

    There are so many great skills and projects you know how to do, and we’d love to host you at Cruces Creatives. This is a great time to work on lesson plans for your future classes.

    Making a lesson plan


    Some Tips for Being a Great Teacher


    For the Future:

    Opportunity: Submit a proposal to teach a class with us at: https://crucescreatives.org/Propose-a-Program

    Opportunity: Cruces Creatives is thinking of online classes and events, if you have an idea reach out to us. We’d love to do innovative and creative ideas with you!

    This list is just a short list of what’s possible--hope you find great resources to get your projects started. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing and seeing your new ideas!

    Very best,

    Lea Wise-Surguy, ED

    The Cruces Creatives Board

    The Admin Team

  • 2020-03-18 6:41 PM | Anonymous

    Ideas for at Home - cont.

    Sustainability & Affordability

    Maybe sustainability or cutting costs at home are on your mind? How about planning for some new projects?


    Solar cooker


    Solar dehydrator


    Making Clothes

    An amazing set of instructions with NMSU:


    How to Measure and Plan for Clothes




    Cloth Baby Diapers


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Events: Fix-It-Fairs

    Tools: Use the Wood shop, Textile lab and areas around the whole building!

    Tools: Use the laser cutter to cut fabrics once you know your pattern

    Digital Illustrating & Photography

    Maybe the Organ Mountains were especially beautiful today, or you’re ready to start your new business with some product shots and a few flyers. Now is a great time to learn the software and some photography tips and tricks!

    Free and Cheap Software Options


    Simple Photography Tricks


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Events: Doña Ana Photo Club

    Events: Photography Boot Camp

    Tools: Use our backdrops, lights, and private studio to make your photography project come true

    Tools: Use our photo printer to print your images

    Drawing & Painting

    Quiet time without deadlines is perfect for really getting into a drawing or painting. And in between sessions, maybe it’s time to catch up on some art history to help place yourself in the grander scheme of art. (If you’ve been to art school or plan to, be ready for this idea.)

    Doodling for Kids


    Different Drawing Techniques


    Art History

    12 Famous Museums Tours


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Events: Join one of Wayne Huber’s drawing classes – Beginning Drawing and Painting, Youth Art Classes, Intermediate Drawing and Painting, or Art Critique

    Events: Open Studio for Artwork

    Events: First Friday Art Shows

    Tools: Use our easels and take advantage of our spare art supplies

    Tools: Use our projector to trace designs for large images

    Tools: Use our light tables

    Opportunities: Reach out to curator@crucescreatives.org to have a show at Cruces Creatives

    Small-Scale Vinyl Cutting

    Did you know Cruces Creatives has several Cricut vinyl cutters? You can access the software online for free and plan your designs ahead of time. Maybe you want an inspirational quote on your wall, maybe you want to relabel your shelves, or make stickers for your business. Make your designs now and come in later to cut them.

    Free Online Cricut Software


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Tools: Come use our Cricut cutters

    Tools: Use our heat press for t-shirts, hats, bandanas, and more

    Science and Technology

    Make a game, an app, or work on that gadget sitting in the garage. And if you’ve made a new design or a scientific discovery, or are on the way towards one, come build your experimental equipment with us. Plan out your machines and have your designs ready for the tools when we reopen. Also think about having a presentation with us to share with the community. This can be a great way to get feedback to push your idea forward.


    Teaching kids coding through creating a game


    Make a Game


    Areas of Growth in Science


    Areas of Growth in Technology


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Tools: Take your photographs, make marketing materials, and get your ideas off the ground using our photo lab, vinyl cutters and more

    Opportunities: Do a presentation with us and get feedback from your peers. Submit a proposal


  • 2020-03-18 6:40 PM | Anonymous
    Ideas for at Home - cont.

    3D Printing & Laser Cutting

    Now is a great time for home research and learning new software tools. Take some online tutorials to learn more about 3D printing so you’ll be ready to jump on the machines when you come back.

    Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing


    Learn about Laser Cutting


    A Few Software Programs to make Designs







    For the Future at Cruces Creatives: 

    Tools: A variety of 3D printers

    Tools: Our laser engraver and cutter

    Audio Recording

    What stories do you think you might want to share with future generations, or what songs are you working on that you want to record and release? Make your outlines, practice your pieces, and come record when we reopen.

    How to Write a Song:


    147 Ways to Write a Melody (an interesting view on melody writing)


    5 Places to Collect and Preserve Family Stories


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives: 

    Events: Come to our Audio Recording Classes

    Events: Come to our All Original Open Mics

    Events: Come to the Crossroads Songcrafting Collaborative

    Tools: Use our audio recording equipment

    Getting Fresh Air – Walking & Bicycles

    Fresh air and sunlight are great for health. If you run into any goat heads or realize your bike needs a tune-up, come visit us for the Community Bike Shop once things reopen!

    Las Cruces Trails


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives: 

    Events: Come to Saturday Community Bike Shop

    Events: Come to Thursday Community Bike Shop

    Tools: Repair or upgrade your bike in the Bicycle Shop

    Tools: Repair your shoes in the Textile Room

    Cooking, Casting & Cooking Tech

    So much time for cooking and enjoying food! Also, did you know Cruces Creatives has a small vacuum mold maker for casting, and that we’re working on larger plastic machines as well? If you’re into making chocolates, gummies, and other candies, start practicing your recipes now and come make new and interesting molds when we reopen. (If you’re wanting to make custom molds, you might also want to learn 3D printing.) Also, you can start new solar cooking machines in preparation for the summer!

    Casting & Mold-making

    Introduction to flexible molds:


    What is Vacuum forming


    Chocolate molds


    Gummi molds



    Making a custom gummy or chocolate mold


    Ok, this is sort of ridiculous, everyone might want to watch: Gummy Chicken


    Solar cooker


    Solar dehydrator


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Tools: Use our vacuum former to make custom molds

    Tools: Use our 3D printers to make custom designs

    Tools: Use the wood shop to build a solar cooker or dehydrator

    Writing – Poetry, comedy, stories and more

    Expressing yourself and capturing a moment in time is part of what makes art. While you’re hunkered down, get some writing in, then come share your creations at our next Open Mic or next Writing Workshop.

    How to write a Poem


    How to Write a Joke


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Events: Writers Workshop

    Events: All-Original Open Mic

    Tools: Use our audio recording and / or photo backgrounds to record your pieces! 

  • 2020-03-18 6:39 PM | Anonymous

    Ideas for at Home

    We’ve made quite the list of activities, so skip right down to your areas of interest!

    Education for Kids

    Keeping up with the kids, work, and home is a challenge, here are a few ideas to help keep them busy with learning!

    Maker Ideas

    3 Weeks of Making Ideas:


    STEM Activities


    Virtual Tours

    Over 30 Virtual Field Trips including zoos, farms, the Louvre and more    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SvIdgTx9djKO6SjyvPDsoGlkgE3iExmi3qh2KRRku_w/edit?fbclid=IwAR2GIMwveZXD0Fd5M4sEXy4zIU2gsyupr9bIvBlMANbA13-FIzyf_SrBWGg


    Hour of Code:


    List of online coding programs:


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Events: STEAM Team (new registration opens in the fall)

    Events: Summer Youth Maker Days (details to be released at a later date)

    Events: Disassembly Days

    Garden and Plants

    This is a great time to start some seedlings, plant trees, and begin planning for a garden. Did you know if you have some old tomatoes you can try sprouting some of the seeds? Growing some food and getting sunshine can be awesome.

    Vegetable Gardening for Beginners


    New Mexico State University Horticulture Publications


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Events: Plant Share

    Events: Seed Share

    Tools: Build window boxes, container gardens and more in our Wood Shop

    Sewing & Knitting Projects

    A little extra quiet time might be just what you need to get going. If you have extra supplies at home, this could be a wonderful moment to start a blanket for an upcoming grandchild, or a loved one far away—or, if you’re waiting till Cruces Creatives re-opens to access machines, it can be a great time to do research to decide what projects you’ll want to do next.

    150 Easy Sewing Projects


    Free Patterns and Tutorials for Sewing


    Free Knitting Patterns


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Events: Fiber Arts Fridays

    Events: Charitable Crafting

    Tools: Use our Textile Room, filled with over a dozen different textile machines and lots of available fabric, to make your projects.

    Wood Shop Projects

    Likely, you’ll be waiting till Cruces Creatives re-opens to start building, but this is a great time to decide on ideas and make your plan. Is there a space in the house where you’ve always wanted a custom piece of furniture? Take your measurements now, plan out your material list, and come ready to build!


    How to Make a Cut List like a Pro


    Bill of Materials and Cut List


    Plan of Procedure


    Wood Shop Ideas

    31 Indoor Woodworking Projects:


    Rockler Free Woodworking Plans


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives:

    Events: Basic Wood Shop Safety Training

    Tools: Use our full wood shop, along with a hefty supply of spare wood, to make your projects.

    Starting a New Business

    With less commuting time and more time at home, maybe this is just the push you’ve needed to start that new business. If you’re making a product-based business you might need to hold off on building stock if you need one of our tools, but in the meantime, you can start your business plan and run financial numbers to make sure everything adds up.

    For NMSU students and recent graduates

    Studio G, Business Accelerator program (including online education resources)


    Write a Business Plan


    Steps for starting a business in New Mexico


    For the Future at Cruces Creatives: 

    Tools: The entire makerspace has opportunities for your ideas. The laser cutter, wood shop, and textile room may be good places to start.

    Tools: Our multi-purpose rooms make a great place to work

    Tools: Use our photography studio to take great photos of your product

    Tools: Use our audio recording equipment to make marketing materials

    Tools: Use our vinyl cutters to make custom stickers

    Tools: Use our Textile Room and Wood Shop to make custom displays

    Tools: Use our Electronics room to laser cut custom signage and light it up with our soldering equipment.

  • 2020-03-18 6:31 PM | Anonymous

    Cruces Creatives Temporarily Closing

    Thank you so much for being a part of Cruces Creatives and our wider Cruces community. 

    To keep the safety of our community a first-most priority, and to follow Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham safety order, Cruces Creatives has decided to temporarily close. We will be monitoring the situation and tentatively reopening April 11th, 2020. 

    If you need special access to the facility (for example, to retrieve project materials), please send an email to support@crucescreatives.org or post a message on Slack. We will accommodate such requests as needed.

    Please heed the advice of national and local health authorities and be safe. 

    Thank you again for being a part of our Cruces Creatives community.

    Very best,

    Lea Wise-Surguy, Executive Director

    The Cruces Creatives Board

    The Admin Team


    Community Resource List

    A short list of resources from our awesome and giving community


    Multiple Sites

    Las Cruces Sun News 

    Free Breakfasts and Lunches for Students

    Las Cruces Public Schools in conjunction with Families and Youth, Inc.

    Desayunos y Almuerzos Gratis para Estudiantes

    Escuelas Públicas con el apoyo de Families and Youth, Inc.

    All Families and Youth, Inc. Food Locations

    Food locations

    Casa de Peregrinos – pick up food or donate food

    Pick up or donate

    Hotline for Seniors and Disabled Adults who cannot access groceries

    Grocery Hotline

    NMSU Students

    Aggie Cupboard


    Student Health Services


    Servicios de Salud para Estudiantes


    Free Surface Disinfecting for Seniors and Disabled in Las Cruces area

    Magic Maid Possible, LLC, 575-642-5206

    CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advice and Guidelines


    New Mexico Department of Health Advice and Guidance

    NM Health

    Financial Support and Business Resources

    Support for Freelance Artists

    List of Options

    Economic Injury Disaster Loans for Small Businesses

    Because of the current economic situation, small businesses can apply for an Economic Injury and Disaster Loan. Small businesses not eligible for credit elsewhere are looking at interest rates of 3.75% and non-profits at 2.75%. Apply online at: https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/disaster-assistance

    Unemployment Benefits

    Apply online        

    Information and Resources for Businesses

    Recent presentation



    Additional Resources



    NewMexico.gov en español


    Helping the Needy in the Community

    The Game and Dickersons Catering are committed to keeping their employees even with most events being cancelled. They are sending their employees out to help the needy instead. If you think you could use help or know someone who could, fill out an application below.


    Travel – RoadRUNNER Transit and Dial-a-Ride

    Free fares and rides. For more info call 541-2500

  • 2020-03-13 6:21 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you so much for being a part of Cruces Creatives. 

    To keep the safety of our community a first-most priority, Cruces Creatives has decided to close, starting March 14th. We will be monitoring the situation and tentatively reopening March 31, 2020. 

    If you need special access to the facility (for example, to retrieve project materials), please send an email to support@crucescreatives.org or post a message on Slack. We will accommodate such requests as needed.

    Please heed the advice of national and local health authorities and be safe. 

    Thank you again for being a part of our Cruces Creatives community. 

    Very best,

    Lea Wise-Surguy, Executive Director

    The Cruces Creatives Board

    The Admin Team

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