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This page contains downloadable files applicable to the projects that Cruces Creatives is undertaking to support our community during the Coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic.

Please do not modify these designs without first discussiong any proposed change with Cruces Creatives. To initiate a discussion with Cruces Creatives, please send email to our support team and we will route your message to the appropriate person.

Face Shields - 3D Printed Frame

These files are for the 3D printing of face shield parts. The ZIP  file contains both the instructions, including getting the finished part to Cruces Creatives, and the STL file needed to print the frame for a  face shield.

Instructions: Cruces Creatives, Face Shields, 3D Printed Frames - V.1.1.pdf

Instructions and STL File:STL_frame_closed_padded.zip

This design is based on the original design by RetroLabs and we acknowledge and thank them for their work.

Revision History

V.1.1 - 4/8/2020 - original public release

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