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Are you a K-12 student in Doña Ana County with a project you’d like to do or make? You can apply year-round for funding, tool access, and mentor support through the Hazlo Program.

There are two options for applying online:

Looking for inspiration? Here are some previous Hazlo projects:

  • Learning how to use audio recording gear and recording an album
  • Designing and making 3D-printed parts to customize toys
  • Learning bicycle and skateboard repair
  • Painting a mural in a school bathroom
  • Launching a sewing business to raise money for charity

Through Hazlo, you can apply for support for many types of projects. To increase the likelihood that your project can be funded,

  • try to choose a project that can be completed for $500 or less, and 
  • choose an activity that isn’t widely available in our community through other organizations. (Just for example, an application to learn how to play guitar probably wouldn’t be funded since there are lots of guitar teachers in Doña Ana County. In contrast, an application to learn how to write songs would be more likely to be funded, since there aren’t many opportunities in Doña Ana County to learn songwriting outside of the Hazlo Program.)

Due to limited funding and mentor availabilities, project funding is not guaranteed. If your application is funded, congratulations! If your application is not funded, you're welcome to resubmit the same application later and/or apply for another project. 

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