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Would you like to help students develop life and academic skills through hands-on projects that students propose? Consider applying to be an Hazlo mentor.

Hazlo mentor applications are now handled through CommunityShare Las Cruces,, a free-to-use site that connects community partners—like you—into education.

To apply as an Hazlo mentor, create a free partner profile through CommunityShare Las Cruces, and select “Mentor” under the question “What types of activities are you interested in?” (If you’re interested in supporting students and teachers in other ways, you’re very welcome to select more options!)

When a student proposes a project that matches your skills and interests, representatives from the Hazlo Program will contact you to schedule a training session, a formal introduction to the Hazlo program, and a background check paid for by Hazlo.

In addition to the initial training session and introduction to the Hazlo Program, mentors have ongoing access to support from the experienced educators among the Cruces Creatives Hazlo Program staff. For projects held at Cruces Creatives, the Hazlo Program will also pay for mentors’ makerspace memberships for the duration of the projects.

To help the limited funds of the Hazlo Program reach as many students as possible, mentors are encouraged to volunteer their time if they are in a position to do so. However, we recognize that not all mentors are in a position to volunteer their time, so the Hazlo Program may offer mentor stipends upon request.

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