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Cruces Creatives has a variety of volunteer opportunities where you can share, lead, and help others. 


    • Help out around the shop - You are welcome to stop by Cruces Creatives any day we're open to help out around the shop. Help clean, organize or take on a special project.
    • Volunteer at special events - Several times a year we host large events and to lead these we need community. We'd love to run a big event with you. On your Cruces Creatives profile make sure to let us know you're willing to help at special events.
    • Share your skills - Cruces Creatives welcomes community members to share their knowledge and lead workshops, lectures, and other activities. Submit a proposal here. 


With a weekly commitment of 3 hours a week you can qualify for a free Volunteer Membership*. 

    • Monitor the shop - Did you know Cruces Creatives is almost entirely volunteer run? In order to open our doors we need at least 2 monitors at any time. Monitors go through training, and then help keep Cruces Creatives safe and help community members. See the events calendar for monthly Monitor Training opportunities.
    • Administrative help - Given that Cruces Creatives is still almost entirely volunteer run, help with administrative tasks is extra welcome. We have opportunities for young adults and experienced individuals in marketing, management, fabrication, events, programs, memberships and more. To inquire about administrative volunteer opportunities please email volunteers@crucescreatives.org.

*To qualify for a Volunteer Membership, one must actively commit to at least 3 hours a week, usually through monitoring or an administrative role. The Volunteer Membership status is active with active volunteering. Non-transferable and non-cumulative. For questions email volunteers@crucescreatives.org.

For more information, send us an email describing your interests and we will contact you.

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