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Internal Newsletter 02.08.20

2020-02-11 1:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Welcome to the February 8th issue of the Cruces Creatives Internal Newsletter. This is a place where you can see new things being planned, and a place to find facility updates and information about special activities.

In the Works (a peak into Admin)

As usual administrative work has been busy keeping up with all the amazing activities y'all have been leading while setting the path for new programs, activities, Job Shops, and partnerships. Here are a few plans in the works:


  • Reimbursement Forms - The extra time focused this past week on reimbursement forms has helped fill the backlog. This upcoming week Lea will be doing a bit of the same to finish the previous month and to get ahead for the rest of the program year. 
  • Been Out Sick - Lindsey has been out sick most of this past week, and we're excited that she is starting to feel better. 
  • Data and Financial Manual - Lea has also been working on one other large project recently, a step-by-step with pictures manual for handling data and financial entry to Wild Apricot. A good portion has already been complete, but once the reimbursement forms are finished expect Lea to hunker down again to push through the rest of the manual. 

Programs in Progress:

  • STEAM - Instructors Brittany Ontiveros and Sandy Smith finished their first semester last December and have officially launched their second semester! The students are launching into new projects and new learning objectives. Expect to see volunteer opportunities by the front desk when they need a little extra help preparing. 

Facility Updates and Special Activities

Cruces Creatives is constantly changing, growing, and becoming a better place because of the great work you're doing. Here are a few updates to know about:

Facility Updates:

  • Photo Printer - Cruces Creatives received a generous donation of a Epson P7000 24" large-format photo printer from Mark Clune. Additionally, The Doña Photography Club, one of our monthly groups, purchased the needed ink and now the printer is almost ready to go! If you've had photos you've wanted to print, it's almost time! 

Weekly Gratitude

Thanks for the incredible giving and work you do to make Cruces Creatives an amazing space for learning, making, and community.

This week we'd like to thank Misha Bryan for her dedicated volunteering and community work. Misha has been a long-time volunteer with Cruces Creatives, and she opens every Tuesday and Thursday. Additionally, she is an active member of the Charitable Crafting group and has made many a beautiful item that has gone out to the community. 

Seen at our front desk welcoming members and guests alike

Wearing one of her custom designed dresses that she made

Being an awesome Mom, and building shelves with her daughter for Cruces Creatives

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