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Internal Newsletter - 02.01.20

2020-02-01 1:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Welcome to the February 1st issue of the Cruces Creatives Internal Newsletter. This is a place where you can see new things being planned, a place to find facility updates and information about special activities.

In the Works (a peak into Admin)

The admin team has been getting back to the regular swing of things as the Holidays and New Year have passed, and have been working hard to get caught up on messages, projects, and normal to-do items.

Job Shop:

  • Several small and medium Job Shop projects are underway right now. A big thanks to Lindsey McDonald for all her hard work coordinating Job Shop! 

Administrative Help:

  • New Volunteer - Julianne Lackey, has been helping identify new grants and is looking into possible field trip options for Cruces Creatives. If you have ideas for a field trip program reach out to Julianne or Lea. 
  • Paperwork - Lea is catching up on some hard core financing paperwork, so expect to see her either with her head in a 3" inch binder, or out of the office a little more as she catches up. Emailing ahead of time for appointments is recommended. 


  • Seeding Regenerative Agriculture - This program has been renewed for another 2 years thanks to the support of the McCune and Thornburg Foundations! Patrick DeSimio has been leading this project, and we're excited to see his progress with sustainable / renewable agriculture! To read more about the project, see Pat's write up here

Facility Updates and Special Activities

Cruces Creatives is constantly changing, growing, and becoming a better place because of the great work you're doing. Here are a few updates to know about:

Facility Updates:

  • Disassembly Area - The disassembly area (the area on the far wall of the Main Room by the art supplies) is going through a cleaning as the STEAM instructors plan for upcoming disassembly activities with their kiddos. Steve Colletti is teaching Lindsey McDonald how to best recycle our extra materials, and there should be some opportunities for monitors to help with our recycling efforts soon!

Special Activities:

  • Art Show - February is the Love of Art Month and annually we host the Artforms Artists Association of New Mexico in our classroom / conference room. Couple of dates to be aware of: 
  • This Sunday and Tuesday - artists will be dropping off their work
  • Tuesday afternoon - judges will be coming to decide the winners of the art show
  • Wednesday - they will be hanging the show
  • Friday - is First Friday and their art opening! Hope you can attend! 

Weekly Gratitude

Thanks for the incredible giving and work you do to make Cruces Creatives an amazing space for learning, making, and community.

This week we'd like to recognize Richard Hausmann who has been a constant volunteer since we've begun. Richard has incredible talents and skills relating to understanding machinery and being able to fix them. He has been throughout the entire makerspace fixing and improving tools. Our makerspace runs better, and has more tools available because of Richard. Thank you Richard! 

Deep in concentration from one end of the building to the other. Thanks for all the tools you've fixed, and all the projects you've built Richard! Deep in concentration from one end of the building to the other. Thanks for all the tools you've fixed, and all the projects you've built Richard! 

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