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Internal Newsletter - 11.16.19

2019-11-16 7:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Cruces Creatives Internal News

Welcome to the November 16th issue of the Cruces Creatives Internal Newsletter. This is a place where you can see new things being planned, and a place to find facility updates and information about special activities.

The internal newsletter is published each Saturday. If you have internal news or announcements that you’d like to submit for the weekly internal newsletter, please email Lea Wise-Surguy (l.wisesurguy@crucescreatives.org) by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday.

In the Works (a peak into Admin)

Here are a few plans in the works:

Administrative Help:
  • Secretary - Josh started diving deep with training this week and is going to be joining efforts this upcoming week to help run the makerspace. Nice job Josh with training this past week.

Appreciation Party:

  • Rescheduling - The originally scheduled date for the Appreciation Party was set on the same evening as the City's tree lighting, and several other events. After a review of available dates and other activities, we're looking at other dates for the event. When you have a chance please submit times you are available: https://doodle.com/poll/7te28bs4pe5nxcy9


  • Strategy - Tricia Salazar lead a strategy marketing meeting this past Thursday and identified several areas we can implement to help marketing efforts - some, like Google Analytics and Google Reviews, which we were able to start implementing immediately. Thanks Tricia for volunteering and for the hard work you're doing with event coordination and marketing. 
  • Leave a Review - Now that Tricia led efforts for Google Reviews, and Margaret Neill used her savvy librarian skills to set up our account, folks can leave reviews about Cruces Creatives. Please leave a review
  • New Volunteer Help - This past week a new volunteer, Emma Klement, joined Cruces Creatives to help with marketing. Emma has worked with art museums, in educational programs, and has helped with marketing and programming efforts in the past. We're excited to start working with her! 
  • New Software - Patrick DeSimio was able to secure free access to an online marketing tool, Canva. If you've been wanting to help with marketing let Lea to know to get access to Canva. 


  • Monitor Training - A new batch of folks have gone through monitor training today and will be helping at Cruces Creatives. Welcome Steve Marino, Loni Todoroki, and Xander Whipple! 

Facility Updates and Special Activities

Cruces Creatives is constantly changing, growing, and becoming a better place because of the great work you're doing. Here are a few updates to know about:

Special Activities:

  • Spring Kids Maker Days - Sandy Smith and Brittany Ontiveros are organizing efforts to make a weeklong set of activities during spring break and are looking for more instructors to help fill in activities. Thanks Sandy and Brittany for leading this, and if you want to learn more about Maker Days or have ideas for activities, check out more info here

Quick Reminder:

  • Unknown Items - Did you find materials on a table, counter, or shelf without a person or project label? If it looks like misplaced donation items put it over in the Donation Area of east wall of the Main Room. If it clearly looks like a project place it in the Lost and Found.

Weekly Gratitude

Thanks for the incredible giving and work you do to make Cruces Creatives an amazing space for learning, making, and community.

Did you know we've had a guest intern from NMSU's Department of English? Emily Joy Rosa has been attending events and writing blog posts about Cruces Creatives events to help new folks understand the activities and community at Cruces Creatives. 

In case you didn't catch the posts when they came out:

Thanks Emily Joy, your writings help bring out the ways folks can get involved and how meaningful it feels to part of the creative community! 

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