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Internal Newsletter 11.09.19

2019-11-09 6:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Welcome to the November 9th issue of the Cruces Creatives Internal Newsletter. This is a place where you can see new things being planned, and a place to find facility updates and information about special activities.

The internal newsletter is published each Saturday. If you have internal news or announcements that you’d like to submit for the weekly internal newsletter, please email Lea Wise-Surguy (l.wisesurguy@crucescreatives.org) by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday.

In the Works (a peak into Admin)

Admin work was busy as usual as new programs were drafted, new Job Shops have been explored, and many an activity happened at Cruces Creatives. Here are a few plans in the works:

Appreciation Party:

  • Yearly Party - Our yearly Appreciation Party is coming up on December 7th and plans are underway. If this is your first Appreciation Party, this event is part Thanksgiving, part Holidays, part appreciation to our volunteers, donors, members and supporters. Food and awesome people make this one of the best events all year.
  • Planning - If you'd like to help with this year's event making food, bringing in music, or helping with thank you gifts, please attend this Wednesday's 6pm meeting at Cruces Creatives. If you'd like to help, say by bringing in a dish to share for the party but can't make the planning meeting, send a message through Slack or email to Lea. 
  • Slideshow - Each year a slideshow of photos helps remind us of the amazing community, events, and projects that have happened. As this slideshow is being prepared, do you have images you think should be shown? If you do please Slack or email those images to Lea.

Administrative Help:

  • Secretary - Josh starts this Tuesday and will in weekly Tuesday through Friday, 9am to 6pm. This Tuesday he'll be learning the software systems and starting his first tasks around the building. 
  • Administrative Assistant - Workforce Connections has approved the Administrative Assistant position for Lindsey McDonald. Unfortunately the Executive Director position did not go through, but I'm excited to get Lindsey in full-time to help with Job Shop and facility management.
  • Other Positions - Given the ED position did not go through we are looking at other possible positions Workforce may be able to cover.
  • Alternatives - Do you know other programs, grants, or opportunities CC can use to build an administrative team? If you do please send Lea a message. 

New Programs in Research:

  • Private Studios - Numbers have been calculated and a meeting is scheduled for Tuesday to discuss possible lease agreements.

Other News:

  • Proclamation - Cruces Creatives was honored as part of this month's "Species in Peril Along the Rio Grande Awareness Month" for the work and support of Henry Hartig's and Raquel Madrigal's "By the Dam" mural painting and for the MESA Art Show. You can see Cruces Creatives being mentioned at City Council starting at 15:40.
  • Donation Area - Extra donation materials have started to leave CC. If there are materials you'd like to add to your areas please start picking those materials out. Between Josh and Lindsey our donation area should start clearing out and a new system put in place. 
  • Finances - Congrats to the finance team for putting together the first quarter of the STEM Outreach programing reimbursement invoice! It has been approved and CC will be moving forward with our great STEAM programs! 

Facility Updates and Special Activities

Cruces Creatives is constantly changing, growing, and becoming a better place because of the great work you're doing. Here are a few updates to know about:

Facility Help:

  • Key - The key for the bathroom paper has gone missing. If you happen around the building, in a pants pocket, or the freezer, please give it to the front monitor. 
Special Activities:
  • Project Room Art Show - As one of the shortest shows Cruces Creatives has hosted, the NMSU OutsmART Día de los Muertos Extinct Species Retable Exhibition will start coming down this week. Parents will be stopping in to pick up their child's retablos. If a parent comes in during your shift please help them identify the Project Room and invite them for a tour of the space if this is their first time in.

Quick Reminder:

  • Events - When starting a monitor shift it can helpful to check out that days events on the online calendar.

Weekly Gratitude

Thanks for the incredible giving and work you do to make Cruces Creatives an amazing space for learning, making, and community.

This week a special thanks goes out to Margaret Neill for the hard work she's been doing as Cruces Creatives' Treasurer! Did you know Margaret comes in twice a week to do finances, and manages front monitor duties at the same time? She's helped Cruces Creatives get up-to-date and organized, and works weekly to make sure we stay on top of finances. Thank you Margaret!

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