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Internal Newsletter - 11.02.19

2019-11-02 5:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Cruces Creatives Internal News

Welcome to the November 2nd issue of the Cruces Creatives Internal Newsletter. This is a place where you can see new things being planned, and a place to find facility updates and information about special activities.

The internal newsletter is published each Saturday. If you have internal news or announcements that you’d like to submit for the weekly internal newsletter, please email Lea Wise-Surguy (l.wisesurguy@crucescreatives.org) by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday.


In the Works (a peak into Admin)

As usual administrative work has been busy keeping up with all the amazing activities y'all have been leading while setting the path for new programs, activities, Job Shops, and partnerships. Here are a few plans in the works:

Job Shop:

  • Reserved Space - Job Shop has recently reserved a section of the back area of the Main Room. This area will be used to help facilitate the projects of Job Shop.
  • Building a Bench - Cruces Creatives Job Shop will soon start a new project building a bench for the Children's section at Branigan Library.

Administrative Help:
  • Secretary - Cruces Creatives will be getting a new Secretary through the Youth Program at Workforce Connections. Josh will likely be joining us next week and will stay with us about 3 months. He'll help with re-stocking needed paperwork, entering data, helping keep up with the facility, and implement new procedures. 
  • Administrative Assistant and Executive Director - Cruces Creatives is also working with Workforce Connections to see if Lindsey McDonald and Lea Wise-Surguy can be hired through Workforce's Training Program as Administrative Assistant and Executive Director. Lea has been working unpaid as Executive Director for over a year and half, and Lindsey has been working to assist Lea after Lea put in $1,200 to hire her for a short while to help catch up on needed tasks. If the training program goes through, and it's a good fit for Cruces Creatives, 75% of both individuals pay will be paid through Workforce for up to a year while we work to increase programs, Job Shops, events, and memberships - and hopefully to hire even more administrative help!

New Programs in Research:

  • Private Studios - Research is being done to see if a new satellite site for private studios would help Cruces Creatives meet its goals of supporting the arts, sciences, and economic development in Doña Ana County, while bringing in another dependable revenue stream. 
  • Proposals in Progress - Cruces Creatives is regularly being asked to create program proposals for local schools. The planning and work time to create proposals is fairly consuming. Currently we are working on a proposal to Picacho Middle School, Crossroads, and DACC.

Programs in Progress:

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) - Instructors Brittany Ontiveros and Sandy Smith have experienced great success launching the 4th and 5th grade STEAM Team programs this fall with 5 different groups of students spanning classes at CC to classes that are located at partnering LCPS locations. They are working on new Family and Student programs to further fulfill our work for NMSU's STEM Outreach Center. Let them know they are awesome next time you see them.


  • Zone Grant, Seeding Regenerative Agriculture - Work is wrapping up for Patrick DeSimio's Seeding Regenerative Agriculture 1 year planning project. Last Sunday and Monday Patrick and Lea were in Albuquerque to meet with other planning grant recipients and to share results for this past year's work. Check out Patrick's amazing research and results here. Pat gave a great presentation to funders and we'll hear back around the 18th of November whether or not we'll continue this project for the next 2 years. 


Facility Updates and Special Activities

Cruces Creatives is constantly changing, growing, and becoming a better place because of the great work you're doing. Here are a few updates to know about:

Facility Updates:

  • Dumpster Lock - The dumpster now has a lock. Ask a monitor to unlock the dumpster if you need in.

Special Activities:
  • Project Room Art Show - This Sunday or Tuesday, Karen Conley will be coming in with ex-votos to hang in the Project Room. If she comes in during your shift please help her bring in the art work, help her find and use any tools she may need to hang the work, and help her hang as you have the time and ability.

Quick Reminder:
  • Counters - During monitor shifts make sure to check for quick tasks like wiping countertops. Cleaning spray is located in the Break Room, upper right cabinets. 


Weekly Gratitude

To our volunteers and monitors - thanks for the incredible giving and work you do to make Cruces Creatives an amazing space for learning, making, and community.

For just a few examples, your work has helped hundreds of community members learn more about tools and the making process, has helped our STEAM programs take off for 4th and 5th graders, has helped artists make joy for the community, has helped members start new businesses and create new wares, has helped technology development for sustainable agriculture, and has helped many an individual connect and find a place where they feel at home.

Your work has rippling good effects in our community. Thank you - you are amazing!


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