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One Year Anniversary, Classes For Holiday Gifts & Loom-Making

2019-06-27 9:04 PM | Anonymous



One-Year Anniversary Celebration Saturday!

We’re almost to our one-year celebration! Check out the activities going on Saturday, and if you’re available Friday, you can join the team for cleaning and event prep.

Classes for Making Holiday Gifts

Would you like to create hand-made gifts for the holidays this year? You can get a head start with all sorts of classes this July and August: Original Miniature PaintingsExploring Water Media Art ProductsBeginning Sewing: The Chinese Coin Blanket, and Intermediate Audio: Recording Music. Even more classes are under development, so check the event calendar for updates.


Do you have woodworking skills that you’d like to put to use? As part of beginning weaving classes, Cruces Creatives offers simple frame looms, which we make in-house—and you can help make them! You can find sample parts and a blueprint in the weaving section of the Main Room; supplies are in the scrap/donation areas of the Wood Shop. For more information, contact Steve Robinson at loom@stevertheweaver.com.

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