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Cruces Creatives Kids Room, Charitable Crating, Holiday Break

2018-12-18 9:44 AM | Anonymous

Cruces Creative Kids

Work on the Kids' Room is well underway, and a day-long Cruces Creative Kids program was held during the Artisan Fair on December 15. As the space grows, it will provide access to engaging childcare and educational programming for all children ages 4-13 and offer a rich learning environment designed to help children acquire the skills they need to be successful in school and life. If you'd like to be involved in designing and equipping the room or developing programs, email Hannah Treder at hannah.treder@gmail.com.

Charitable Crafting

The charitable crafting project just delivered 60 handmade gift bags with books, ornaments, handmade toys, clothing, and baby blankets to children at Casa de Peregrinos and Jardín de los Niños. The charitable group will be choosing the next project this Saturday, December 22--come on out to help select the project.

Holiday Break

Cruces Creatives is closed for the holidays starting on December 23 and reopens on January 2. May you have safe and happy holidays, and see you in the new year!

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