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Charitable Crafting, Project 2

2018-09-24 11:47 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

From member: Dina Honeycutt


Fall is officially in the air, with the Autumnal Equinox. Time to get crafting for Christmas!

not the last things in the cut-out pile, but definitely falling out of season...

The first crafting project of making kids clothes for school is winding down. Yes I finished a couple more pairs of shorts, and there are a few other garments to collect, and donate, but it is time to look forward to the next project.

So, let me tell you about our next project! We are making tote bags, and then filling them for Jardin de los Ninos to give away to the families they serve. Jardin de los Ninos is an early childhood education center that serves homeless, and nearly homeless children and their families, here in Las Cruces. Every year they give some gifts to the children in their programs, and their siblings. This year they predict they will need gifts for about 50 children. Charitable Crafting is teaming up with Cruces Creatives Makerspace to provide those 50 children with gifts.

First step, tote bags. A cloth tote bag is a useful item for nearly anyone, and easy and fun to make.
pretty tote bags, already in progress
Like last time, the project has inspired someone to take flight. Sarah Jones has been working on a pattern, that she will post on the Cruces Creatives web site, for anyone interested in making (and hopefully donating) a tote bag to our efforts. Of course we won't require all totes to be the same size, but we are looking at 13" wide x 15" tall x 4" deep, or there about. We are also - if you can tell - not concentrating on Christmas-y totes, as we want our recipients to be able to use them year round. If you aren't sure how to make a tote, Sarah is also working on a beginner sewing class and the project will be, you guessed it, a tote bag. It's a great beginner project, really!
Sarah's latest tote, Love the floral!
Once the bags are made, we hope to fill them with a toy (preferably made by someone at Cruces Creatives, or the Charitable Crafting group), a book, and some socks, underwear and pajamas. For that Christmas touch, a Christmas Ornament will also be included. The bike shop got busy on ornaments for us, and on October 10th, this is happening...

Bike Chain Holiday Ornaments with VeloCruces

October 10th is also our next meeting. So I hope you can join us cutting out tote bags, or sewing one up! Did I say our goal was 50? It is! Do you need more inspiration? How about this bag made of linen and cute Winnie the Pooh fabric!

The cuteness!

From the blog Createlivity, written by Dina Honeycutt

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